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Guest Speaker: Healthy, Wealthy, Smart Podcast, with Dr. Karen Litzy

January 29, 2019

Guest Speaker: Healthy, Wealthy, Smart Podcast, with Dr. Karen Litzy

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Business Succession: Do You Have A Plan?

Ashley Micciche, CEO of True North Retirement Advisors, was the guest speaker on Healthy, Wealthy, Smart podcast with Dr. Karen Litzy discussing “Business Succession: Do You Have A Plan?” A highly respected podcast with a loyal following, Dr. Litzy’s Healthy, Wealthy & Smart is in the top 100 health podcasts on iTunes!

Interview Highlights

“What we do is we really just work with our clients to identify those goals and what’s important to them and what the value of their business is so that they can achieve what they’re looking to do when they exit their business.”

“I find that a lot of people don’t do this vital first step because they have a lot of misconceptions about what’s involved in valuing a business.”

“Actually the best exit plan starts when you start your business, but most people are so heads down focusing in growth mode that rarely if ever happens because it really does require this mindset shift.”

“It’s a topic that never comes up and it really should because now that as you’re speaking more and more on this, it’s got me thinking about my sort of long-term plan and where do I see myself and what should my goals be.”

Listen to the full interview:

Booking Opportunities

Interested in booking Ashley to speak at your next meeting/podcast on her signature talk, “Get Unstuck: 3 Universal Steps To Exit Your Business With Financial Security“?

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