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In The News: Business Exit Planning On School For Startups Radio

April 12, 2019

In The News: Business Exit Planning On School For Startups Radio


Ashley Micciche on School For Startups on Business Exit Planning

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Business Exit Planning With Ashley

Ashley Micciche, CEO of True North Retirement Advisors, was the guest speaker on the School For Startups Radio, with host and author Jim Beach, discussing “Exit Planning For Your Business.” This highly listened to podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners, captivates over 175,000 listeners a day and is packed with great tips and insights from authors and entrepreneurs around the country!

Interview Highlights

“I think a lot of business owners make a big mistake when they set down this exit path and they use a rule of thumb estimate of value.”

“If you’re going to bring in a certified evaluation specialist to come in and value your business, it can be very expensive. A lot of times you’re going to pay $10,000 or more to have your business valued.”

“We use a tool with our clients. It’s free to anybody who wants to use it and with eight pieces of information, you can get a really good, really tight, valuation for your business that’s a good strong estimate of value.”

“It’s probably the most important business deal of your life and it’s not wise, in my biased opinion, to undertake that on your own. There’s just a lot of moving parts to it.”

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Value Your Business

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