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In The News: Exit Planning For Your Business On Success Hackers

April 5, 2019

In The News: Exit Planning For Your Business On Success Hackers

Scott Hansen of Success Hackers an entrepreneur podcast

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Exit Planning For Your Business With Ashley Micciche

Ashley Micciche, CEO of True North Retirement Advisors, was the guest speaker on the Success Hackers: Breaking The Entrepreneurial Code podcast, with Scott Hansen discussing “Exit Planning For Your Business.” A very well respected podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners with over 500,000 downloads in over 18 countries, Hansen’s – Success Hackers, is gold!

Interview Highlights

“What I did was, I developed this system for helping clients value their business. We use this really cool software tool that’s accessible and available to anybody.”

“I see it a lot where a business might have a concentration of revenue where their top two or three clients make up 80% of their revenue. That’s not good for value.”

“The value in your business is like taking inventory. This is where I am today, this is what my business is worth today.”

“Most successful entrepreneurs, they know how to get the train out of the station on the tracks going, but they don’t know how to get off.  And that’s what exit planning tries to figure out.”

Listen to the full interview:

Value Your Business

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