true north

Why true north?

Our “Why” Makes a Difference

The business you own is what you know best – it’s your focus. That’s how we feel about retirement planning for business owners – it’s our focus. Designing a retirement plan that is built around where you are now and where you want to go is critical. That’s when you call in the experts.

We’ve got a long list of credentials and accreditations. We bring decades of experience to the table. We offer expertise in 401(k), cash balance plans and concentrated positions. We’re proficient in the nuances and complexities of portfolio management and asset allocation.

But what we think you’ll appreciate most is our authenticity. We built True North around a very clear intention: to help clients lead more satisfying lives through financial security. It’s a conviction our clients can feel, and it makes a real difference. At the end of the day it’s all about trust, and when you feel complete confidence that your trust is well placed, everyone wins.

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Our values

True North isn’t just a name; it’s what drives our entire business. We are a team driven to help our clients find their true north – to define their visions and then guide them to fulfilling them, whatever that means to them. We are built on these values. They guide us every day and lead us to give our clients the best possible care and service in the business.

Be accessible

Our clients can get in touch anytime about anything – a quick question, an in-depth concern or anything in between. Knowing we are always there for them enables our clients to have the level of confidence and comfort they deserve.

Honor the trust

Our clients are entrusting us with the most important financial decisions of their lives. They build their futures on advice that we give. Let every decision we make be made with this in mind.

Be proactive

Whether working for a brand new client or one we’ve had for decades, always keep their best interests a top-of-mind priority. Follow up on conversations. Alert them to any concerns. Introduce a new idea, or just check in. Whatever the reason, work on their behalf and stay in touch.

Be disciplined

Never seek to be different simply for the sake of being different. This is not the arena for embracing trends or being flippant. Welcome new ideas and suggestions on how to improve, yet rely on objective grading systems, sensible strategies and time-tested processes to best serve our clients and optimize their long-term success.

Strive for clarity

Much of what we do is complicated. Whenever we can, remove the extraneous, simplify the complicated and ask ourselves, “What do our clients really care about?” Give them the information that is pertinent, and make it as clear as possible. Operate with transparency. A client who understands “how” and “why” is much more likely to stay the course and reach their long-term goals.

Be authentic

We do this because we love it. It’s our true north. We are driven to fulfill the retirement goals of our clients, to help them reach their true north. Our passion for this comes through every day, in every transaction. Be honest, be straightforward and be guided by your true north.
If we sound like the kind of people you want working for your retirement, reach out and get in touch.