PowerTips Unscripted – Ep.158: Creating Your Business Exit Roadmap

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Business Exit Planning, Media Appearances, Retirement

PowerTips Unscripted

PowerTips Unscripted – Ep.158: Creating Your Business Exit Roadmap

Did you know that 81% of business owners want to stop working in their business in the next 10 years? Yet, most business owners are paralyzed and doing nothing about their exit. The process seems overwhelming many owners just don’t know where to begin.  So, what are the very first things you should do when planning your exit?  That’s what Victoria Downing and I discussed on the PowerTips Unscripted Podcast.

Victoria and I talked about everything from how to pick an ideal successor to establishing a target departure date and lots more!

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About the PowerTips Unscripted Podcast:

Starting out as an industry-focused blog, Remodelers Advantage’s PowerTips has grown into a multi-faceted content initiative which includes written blogs by staff and guest contributors, weekly videos, e-mails, an annual magazine and now a podcast, PowerTips Unscripted.

Focused on topics that are of interest to remodeling business owners, the contributors and writers of PowerTips present great insight on issues such as hiring & recruiting, marketing, production, finance, administration, team building and more.

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Ashley helps business owners exit their business and retire with financial security. As a Certified Exit Planner she specializes in helping business owners navigate the maze of decisions that need to happen from full-time running their business to retirement.

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