Business Confidential Now Podcast: Easiest Way to Establish an Attractive Business Exit Strategy

by | Dec 24, 2021 | Business Exit Planning, Media Appearances

Business Confidential Now Podcast

Business Confidential Now Podcast: Easiest Way To Establish An Attractive Business Exit Strategy with Financial Security

Do you have a realistic exit strategy for your business? One that will give you financial security? Or do you just plan to turn the lights off one day, unplug your computer and call it quits? Or maybe you’re not sure.

Well, if you want more financial security than cashing your last paycheck, listen to this recent interview on the Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, where we discuss all the highlights of creating a realistic exit strategy for your business.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Best time line for developing a business exit strategy [01:23]
  • How to control your business exit strategy [03:50]
  • Maintaining confidentiality while planning a business exit strategy [07:02]
  • 4 Financial items to include in a business exit strategy for financial security [10:26]
  • Most common business exit strategy hiccups [15:12]
  • And much MORE.
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About the Business Confidential Now Podcast:

Business Confidential Now gives you access to the business information you need to succeed in weekly interviews with thought leaders, experts, and authors who share their secrets for more business success. It’s everything from people management, sales, marketing, and finance, to corporate governance and risk management.

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