One Minute Retirement Tip

Launches October 8th!


Hi there! I am so excited for the launch of the One Minute Retirement Tip with Ashley! We launch next Monday, October 8th! So if you’re tuning in now, I’m so happy you found the show!

My name is Ashley Micciche, and this new show is for you if you’re serious about planning for your retirement and you within that critical time of 5-10 years out from retirement.

The decisions you make over these last few years will be absolutely critical to your long-term success in retirement. So we’re going to talk about how to get to a fulfilled and secure retirement, all while balancing so many other competing financial priorities:

  • Putting your kids through college
  • Trying to pay off your house
  • Taking care of your aging parents
  • …and having a little fun too!

Why should you listen to me anyway? I’ve been a practicing financial advisor for over a decade. I have helped hundreds of clients plan for, transition to, and live successfully in retirement.  

Today, I am the CEO of True North Retirement Advisors, based just outside of Portland, Oregon. We currently manage $230 million for about 250 clients. This year, we were named to the Portland Business Journal’s list of Largest Money Managers.

When you’re planning for something as important as your retirement, you need a guide. My hope is that you’ll stick around, and use this show as your daily guide in making progress toward your retirement.

And if you do stick around and add me to your morning routine, I promise to do my best to bring clarity, not confusion, to YOUR retirement. I promise never to use jargon without explaining why it’s relevant and what it means.

I believe that money topics shouldn’t bore you or intimidate you. Rather, it should be fun, light, and helpful.

So let me send you off into your day with this: Thank you so much for finding this new show! We’re going to kick off the daily tips on Monday, October 8th, so stay tuned for our official launch!

Choose to be your best self and find a way to brighten the day of every single person you encounter, and I know it will be a great day for you!  

My name is Ashley Micciche and this is the “One Minute Retirement Tip”.

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