Why We Plan Podcast: Help Your Clients Find Clarity

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Business Exit Planning, Media Appearances

Why We Plan Podcast: Help Your Clients Find Clarity

In this episode of the Why We Plan Podcast, Jared Johnson, CEO of BEI, and Ashley Micciche, Business Exit & Retirement Advisor for True North Retirement Advisors, talk about the different exit paths an owner can take. Ashley highlights how she is still surprised by the lack of clarity owners have on their futures. Business owners are typically overwhelmed with the number of paths they can take when planning for the ownership transfer of their business.

Tune in to learn how to coax the answer out of your clients on where they genuinely want to be in the next five to ten years and how you can help them prioritize and weigh their options.

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About the Why We Plan Podcast:

A podcast for advisors to business owners who want to help their clients plan for a successful future, both inside and outside the business. We discuss topics including succession planning, exit planning, ESOPs, business continuity planning, building transferable value, family transfers, third-party transfers, buy-sell agreements, the due diligence process, estate planning, valuation process, tax minimization, building a stronger next-level management team, and much more.

Thinking about exiting your business in the next 5-10 years? 

As one of a few Certified Exit Planners in the nation, our expertise means we take the needed steps to manage the process from every angle. We will put together a plan that addresses all facets of your exit so it can be as successful as possible.

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Ashley helps business owners exit their business and retire with financial security. As a Certified Exit Planner she specializes in helping business owners navigate the maze of decisions that need to happen from full-time running their business to retirement.

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